Museum of Children’s Art (MOCHA)

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Museum of Children’s Art (MOCHA)


Type of Organization: Non-Profit

Grant Type: AAE

Cohort: FY 21

City: Oakland

State: California


Title of Program:

Arts Connect
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Arts Topic Areas:

Arts Integration, SEL

Artistic Discipline:

Visual Arts
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Arts Connect will support teachers, school site leaders, and their teacher leadership teams to: a) develop practices in public education that promote the adoption of art-centered integrated learning frameworks, and b) demonstrate how these arts-centered, culturally relevant and responsive practices facilitate other positive educational outcomes and school-wide transformation c) incorporate arts and SEL experiences into the classroom and/or site-based professional development d) document and share the work and transformational changes in teaching and learning in their classroom and/or at their site for a wider audience. These outputs will address a holistic transformation that is based on the entire school community. 

Our ultimate responsibility as arts educators is to increase the number of students who have access to the arts. We know that preparing classroom teachers to facilitate arts instruction is a scalable and sustainable strategy to support this growth, therefore, Museum of Children’s Art (MOCHA) incorporates arts into the learning process which helps students become independent learners by using educational frameworks like SHoM and TfU and CRM, a stabilization model based on neuroscience. Arts Connect will offer professional development at three schools to 60 classroom teachers, five teacher-leaders, three principals, and 8 administrators that focus on school transformation which utilizes identity, culture and school-wide relationships as assets while building visual and poetry arts, SEL, and arts integration competencies. MOCHA uses the classroom, workshops, summer intensives, and coaching to do the deep work of building a community of empathetic teacher-learners and administrators who are committed to arts integration as a pathway to develop 1100 students as independent learners.